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Ethical Practices and Compliance

Our governance and ethics strategy focuses on promoting a positive social impact through our business practices. This includes advocating for labour rights, minimizing environmental footprints, fighting against corruption, and safeguarding customer information and data privacy. Our compliance management system adheres to ISO 9001 standards and includes anti-corruption measures, sustainable procurement processes, and regular ESG audits to ensure transparency and accountability.

“Our governance and ethics practices focus on promoting a positive social impact through our business practices.”

Governance Initiatives
AMPCO METAL’s Governance Policy is to ensure ethical business practices, regulatory compliance, and robust corporate governance structures.

Topic Measures Taken Initiatives Status
Governance Policies Review our governance policies to incorporate ESG into the organisation Quality Management system and Human Resource processes. Form NEW ESG general policies with KPI’s to provide a clear framework for AMPCO METAL’s commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and stakeholder engagement.
Employee Committee Restructure our Governance approach to integrate ESG into our business and management processes. Formation of the AMPCO METAL ESG Employee Committee responsible for implementing and monitoring the Environmental Policy within their respective areas of the value chain.
ISO26000 Audit Compile a comprehensive report on our Governance performance and recommendations in the form of an 2024-2030 ESG roadmap.

Implement procedures to improve our Governance structure and processes at local and Group level.

Strengthen our QMS capabilities and technology solutions.

Effectively communicate the groups ESG missions and policies.